SSRS has an extremely well qualified and highly experienced faculty. The teachers are committed to the holistic development of each student and to instill the right values. They strive to make the learning experience in school enriching and stimulating. In fact, they shoulder responsibilities such as planning and executing co-curricular activities and special events. The special feature is that the most of the staff are available round the clock to the student’s consultation and guidance as they reside in the campus along with the students.

SL.No Teaching Staff Qaulification
1 Mr. Sharana Kumara M. Sc., M. A., B. Ed., PGDBM, Principal
2 Mr. Rama Devadiga M. A., B. Ed., Vice-Principal
3 Mrs. Savitha Bhat B. A., B. Ed.
4 Mrs. Baby S. Naik D. M. C., A. M.
5 Mr. Shree Madhu K. L. M. A., B. Ed.
6 Mr. Srikanth Achari M. A., B. Ed.
7 Mrs. Lata Devadiga M. Sc., B. Ed.
8 Mrs. Suma M. B. B. Sc., B. Ed.
9 Mrs. Veenarashmi M M. Sc., (Bio. Sci.), M. Sc., (Chem) B. Ed.
10 Mrs. Vidya Krishna Shedgeri M. A., B. Ed.
11 Ms. Jyothi B. Sc., B. Ed.
12 Mrs. Rajani Kumari M. A., B. Ed.
13 Mr. Rakesh K. M. M. Sc., B. Ed.
14 Ms. Vinutha M. Sc., B. Ed.
15 Mr. Charan Kumar M. A., B. Ed
16 Mr. Pradeep L. B. Sc., B. Ed.
17 Ms. Jyotsna Dev B. A., B. Ed.
18 Ms. Prajna N. Dev M. A., B. Ed.
19 Mrs. Mridula Shanbhag M. A.
20 Ms. Varada B. Sc., B. Ed.
21 Ms. Kavya B. S. M. Sc., B. Ed.
22 Mr. Gururaj S. B. A., B. P. Ed.
23 Mrs. Prathvi Kumari K. M. Sc., B. Ed.
24 Mrs. Prathvi Kumari K. M. Sc., B. Ed.
25 Ms. Suchitha B. B. M., PGDCA
SL.No Teaching Staff Qaulification
1 Mrs. Sujatha Sadaram M. A., Mont. T.T.
2 Mrs. Pushpalatha B. A., N.T.T.C.
3 Mrs. Deepika Devadiga B. A., B. Ed.
4 Mrs. Jyothi B. A., D. Ed.
5 Mrs. Roopa B. A., B. Ed.
6 Mrs. Latha Devi B. Sc., B. Ed., PGDCA
7 Mrs. K.Vinoda B. A., B. Ed.
8 Ms. Shruthi B. A., D. Ed.
9 Mrs. Malathi PUC, D. C. A., PTTC
10 Mrs. Sumithra Shettigar B. A., D. Ed.
11 Mrs. Soumya Kumari B. A., D. Ed.
12 Mrs. Rohini N. Poojary PUC, D. Ed.
13 Mrs. Geetha Shetty B. Sc., D. Ed.
14 Ms. Mamatha B. Com., PPTT
15 Ms. Nethravathi M. Sc., B. Ed.
16 Mr. Sandesh B. PUC, DFA
17 Ms. Pushpa B. Badkar M. A., B. Ed.
18 Ms. Sharavathi Ganiga PUC, D. Ed.
19 Ms. Shobitha M. A., B. Ed., PGDCA
20 Mr. Narayana Vailaya M. A.,(Sanskrit)
21 Ms. Sumana B. Sc., B. Ed.
22 Ms. Mookambika M. M. A., B. Ed.
23 Mrs. Namitha B. A., B. Ed.
24 Ms. Soumya B. A., D. Ed.
25 Ms. Supreetha B. Sc., B. Ed.
26 Mrs. Farnaz B. A., D. P. P. Ed.
27 Ms. Jayanthi Marati B. Sc., B. Ed.
28 Mr. Ganesh Nayak B. A., B. P. Ed.
29 Mr. Arun Manjunath Nayak B. A., B. P. Ed..